Being able to communicate your ideas and opinion freely is everybody’s fundamental right. For the past 10 years, we as an institution have witnessed that not every student is financially capable to pay the fees of the course. This incapability deprives them of pursuing the course of their interest. 
Though we have voyaged on a mission to make the creative courses available to students who aspire to study them, we have our limitations being a commercial institution. Even after providing discounts, some students aren’t able to cope with the fees.  
Making someone self-dependent through  education is the most precious gift you can give a child. Sponsor any of our student/s who needs your support. Availing education is no less than serving god. If you wish to donate a fixed amount of your earnings to a child’s education take a step forward and make the donation. You will be able to track down the student for life to know how he/she is doing in life. Make a donation to our institution in the name of the student you wish to sponsor. If you wish to sponsor our students feel free to contact us.