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Grab the opportunity of becoming a part of the journalism field

step by step consulting guide

Learn the history, evolution, and importance of journalism through

Step 1

Interactive sessions

Sessions where there is no mentor and no mentee, just healthy interaction that give food for thought. Learn by organic interaction.

Step 2

Healthy classrooms

Ask questions till you aren’t confident that you know a topic satisfactorily. We teach you the modernized course with current data available.

Step 3

Know your field of interest

Journalism is an expansive field. We help you choose the best one of them for you. You can be a radio jockey or an editor-in-chief. You can be in the production department or a news anchor. Avail of training with experts in the field..

Step 4

Practical experience

Learning theory is not sufficient in journalism, thus we provide opportunities that make you ready for the field. Making mistakes and improving yourself is the best way to excel. Don't be afraid to make mistakes under our assistance.


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