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Make your voice heard with PresScholars, Indore. At PresScholars, a Media, mass communication & Journalism college in Indore, M.P. you learn to communicate and bridge the gap between people and officials. Learn the importance of news, and how it is sifted and sorted. Be associated with news agencies and news organizations Create fresh content. Create trends. Inform, educate and entertain people with PresScholars, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.


Our mission is to train individuals who act as a medium of change for the betterment of society by learning media, journalism and mass communication courses. presScholars, M.P provides real-time experience learning of courses. We aim to spread awareness that is not limited to journalism, it is a broader field. We desire our students to get global recognition through their work aiding them with the finest education facilities


We have envisioned bringing a revolutionary change in society by training our students in journalism and mass communication courses. We train students to serve with honesty and ethics to the country. We desire to fill the creative positions in the industry for the generation of employment as well as showcase the skills of our students.
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